Fruity Monkey is inspired by our young daughter.


One day we spotted her painting "The naughty monkey steals fruits. We were touched and decided to create a fruity beer  to express our tropical emotions. The climate in the Netherlands is almost cold year-round,  we are fascinated for tropical travels, enjoying the sun, beaches, tropical fruits and beers!


Inspired by monkeys stealing fruits, we named it "Fruity Monkey". This monkey is naughty, curious and adventurous. This is also the character of our young daughter, which may also be an expression of our love.

When our beers was in the early stages of development, we asked our daughter to create and design label pattern with her own ideas. Finally, with the support of her painting teacher Bernou, label design was completed. Bernou is an enthusiastic and creative native Dutch artist. She painted six patterns of our labels: strawberry, passion fruit, peach, guava, coconut & vanilla, raspberry.

We expect that Fruity Monkey is able to deliver a lifestyle to everyone with its passion, unique tastes, brave and creative spirit: enjoy & love life, remain innovative and adventurous!