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Our Story

Fruity Monkey, inspired by our little girl.

One day we were enjoying special beer while watching our girl saying and drawing: "The naughty monkey steals my fruits". This picture touched us: monkey, tropical fruits, craft beer in hand - a novel Dutch Fruity Ale! to express our tropical emotions. The climate in the Netherlands is almost cold all year-round, a lot of Dutch people are fascinated for tropical travels, enjoying the sun, beaches, tropical fruits and beers for happy hours.

Inspired by monkeys stealing fruits, we named it "Fruity Monkey". This monkey is naughty, curious and adventurous. This is also the nature of our little girl, which may also be an expression of parent's love.

The brand spirit is very consistent with the characteristics of the Netherlands. Dutch people love adventures and determined. From the 12th century, the Netherlands began to create land from the sea. In the 17th century, it became "sea coachman" and completed the industrial revolution in the 18th century. Nature originally gave the Netherlands a bad card, but with this spirit, Today, it has become a modern developed country, full of innovation and sustainability.

When our beers were in the early stages of development, we encountered a problem: what kind of labels would be suitable? Initially, we asked our little girl to create and design label pattern according to her own ideas. Finally, with the support of  her painting teacher Bernou, label design was finally completed. Bernou is an enthusiastic and creative native Dutch artist. She painted six patterns of our labels: strawberry, passion fruit, peach, guava, coconut & vanilla, raspberry.

We expect that Fruity Monkey Ale Beer is able to deliver a lifestyle to everyone with its unique tastes, brave and creative spirit: enjoy & love life, remain innovative and adventurous.

Our motto is enjoy life!

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