Fruity Monkey Beer

Swing Into Fruity-Fresh Flavour Adventures

Fruity Monkey Beer

Fruity Monkey Beer’s premium range of distinctive beers are brewed using luscious, juicy fruits and 98% natural, organic ingredients. Bursting with tropical taste, fruity-fresh flavours include Coconut & Vanilla beer, Guava beer, Lime Wheat beer, Passion Fruit beer, Peach beer, Pomegranate beer, Raspberry beer, and Strawberry beer.

Produced in The Netherlands and brewed in Belgium, Fruity Monkey Beer offers sensational taste adventures. Experience tangy, zesty, citrus flavours packed with natural sweetness and a mild tartness. Imagine massive fruit aromas with a fragrant hint of floral, forest or pine-like landscapes.

Fruity Monkey also swings by influential international breweries to produce noteworthy beer collaborations with a fruity twist.

But what is fruit beer? Brewing with unique fruit blends produces easy-drinking, accessible beers with an exotic twist, ideal for chilling on warm, balmy summer days or spicing up cool winters with a tropical warmth. Lower alcohol beers with all-natural sweetness and a mild bitterness can be enjoyed responsibly all year round, in any climate, at any time of the day.

Fruity Monkey Beer is an international brand, proudly Dutch, fiercely multicultural and 100% female owned and operated. Drinkers everywhere can buy and enjoy our mischievous flavour adventures — we believe in making a positive social impact around the world with popular fruit beers that export easily and keep their freshness. All Fruity Monkey Beer is great for food pairing, flavour pairing and sharing with friends. So, find a fruity flavour that complements and enhances your favourite foods now.

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Why beer is a mischievous Fruity Monkey?

Monkeys are naughty by nature, found throughout the world and represent a delightful, playful attitude. They explore, innovate and are deeply passionate about all varieties of fruit, which inspires our beer.

Monkeys discover new things and make people smile. And that is our aim too. We hope you to discover the delights of fruit beer and smile.

Be like the monkey. Swing into fruity-fresh flavour adventures. Join a fruity bunch and experience mischievous, natural flavours while enjoying a tropical taste experience that takes you around a world filled with unique, fresh, premium fruits.

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